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About Me:

Who I Am:
Twentysomething still figuring things out in this game called Monopol...Life. I reside on the right coast.

What I Do: Artist Management & Development. Tour Manager. Booking Agent. Struggling Screenwriter.

Things that rule
Film. Music. Maine. Whiskey. Travel. Hockey. Pizza.

This is an outlet that not only documents what I love, but more so my trials and tribulations in the music industry. For those looking for insight into the music business, you're in the right place. Questions are always welcome.

For more shenanigans, follow me on Twitter - @adamnicholasTM

"The music business is romantic, the thought of success, intoxicating; everyone works hard & does their best not to have their heart broken"

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Heads up dudes and dudettes…

My bros in Small Talk are playing together one last time. Supporting them? The Sophomore Beat. (acoustic) Just saying. You now have plans for Sun. March 11. Plaistow Party in New Hampster? Why not.

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  4. silverbliss said: WHAT THE FUCKARY IS THIS WITH LOCALISH BANDS BREAKING UP? Also, I live no where near NH anymore so I do not have plans for March 11th :p
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    attention merritt/courtney/abby: we’re going to this
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